I truly feel blessed to be able to express myself through my art and love what I do. I hope to bring an enjoyment to people who view my art and have the ability to bring memories of the outdoors into their view. It may be a memory of a cherished old friend and hunting dog, or a fishing experience, or the great outdoors, or just a pleasant landscape with a touch of the call of the wild.

The experience on each fishing or hunting adventure as an outdoorsman is unique and wonderful. Just being out in God’s creation is truly a special thing. It brings me to the center of who I am both as a person of Faith and as an artist. In most of my work a narrative is present in one form or another to tell a story and to create a peaceful feeling from being out in the field, stream or lake.

I have always enjoyed oil paintings that are beautifully designed and executed. Although subject matter and narrative are very important, the challenge for any painter becomes the task to create a work of art that has harmony, beauty and timelessness in it.

For my sporting dog art and custom dog portraits, capturing the true likeness and character of each dog and owner if so desired is key in my portrait work, whether a gun dog or just a home companion.

I have worked successfully for years in advertising as a freelance graphic designer-illustrator, but always felt that painting and fine art was where I really belong. Some of my influences as an oil painter have been and still remain to be the great artists of the past. Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Carl Rungius, and Philip R. Goodwin. Currant painters like Richard Schmid, C Michael Dudash, Eldridge Hardie, and Luke Frazier have also been a great influence and inspiration to me.