Work in Progress for Brown Trout (miniature)

Reference photo for the painting.

After drawing the fish and fly rod lightly on a gessoed linen panel, I usually stain the entire area to take away the stark white-ness of the gesso. Usually a warm tonal wash with color that's part of the color pallet for the painting.

I usually start with the background first leaving the 2 main objects until later in the painting process. In this case I start with the stoney shore background.

I don't paint real detailed, I like to paint in a more painterly style and "indicate" detail with brush strokes. I strongly feel that keeping it simpler makes for a softer rendition, "less is more."

After I have the background basically covering the canvas, I then start painting the main subjects, in this case the fish.

I start with the basic colors with mid-range values. I'll work on the fly rod too at the same time.

I will continue to build the paint in areas across the fish, watching control of edges.

An expanded view.

I continued to build the mid-toneal values, then the highlights and shadows. All the while I am keeping my edges soft. The final step here is the shine of the reflection on the fish. I treated this as a glaze with some transparency in the paint, combined with a little Liquin medium.

The final framed piece.

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